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Tufts Hosts Winter Hill School for Remainder of School Year

by Tufts Internal Communications

Facing an emergency and temporary closure of Winter Hill Community Innovation School (WHCIS), Somerville Public Schools (SPS) reached out to Tufts leaders for support. The university responded quickly, offering to host WHCIS students, teachers, and staff in Olin Hall until the end of their school year on June 16.

Here’s what to expect on the Medford/Somerville campus:

Olin Hall Building Use

  • SPS will use 17 basement and first-floor classrooms in Olin Hall.
  • SPS will also use rooms 106, 218, and 318 in Olin Hall.
  • Weather permitting, recess and lunch will take place on the residential quad.
  • WHCIS teachers will generally be accessing Olin Hall between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m.
  • WHCIS students will be present in the building on school days between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Impact on Olin Hall Tufts Employees

  • Employees who work in Olin Hall and are able to do so are encouraged to work from home during this time.
  • Faculty or staff with campus space needs during this time should inform their Department Administrator who can work with the Dean’s Office to coordinate other space.
  • Olin Hall will be locked 24/7 but Tufts community members will still be able to access the building with their Tufts IDs.

Campus Transit and Parking

  • SPS will bus students to and from the WHCIS.
  • Buses will park on Miller Lane in spaces reserved for them.
  • WHCIS teachers and staff will park in Dowling Garage.

Anticipated Schedule

Monday, June 5-Wednesday, June 7
Teachers gather belongings, tour Olin, and set up classrooms there

Thursday, June 8
Classes begin in Olin Hall

Friday, June 16
Last day of classes

Updates will be shared on this page ongoingly.