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July 13, 2018 | Category: Announcement

TO: Faculty and Staff, All campuses

Fall tuition bills have been available through our ebill system since July 5, 2018.  If you plan to use the Tuition Remission Benefit, make sure you to complete the Employee Tuition Remission Benefit Application Form. Note: a new application is required for every semester (due July 25th for fall, November 15th for spring). In addition, first time applicants must submit additional required documentation, as outlined in the application. Employees enrolling in job-related courses must also complete the Tax Exclusion Form.  Please remember to review policy and procedure information in addition to completing the form.  Once completed, please sign and return your form to Student Services via email at  

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your student account or the tuition remission procedures, please feel free to contact our office at 617-627-2000 or

Should you have questions or concerns dealing with eligibility matters, please contact the Tufts Support Services at 617-627-7000. For more extensive information on the remission process, as well as additional forms, please consult the University’s Plan Guide.


TuftsAlert system

In a significant emergency the university will attempt to communicate with the community through a variety of methods. Use of the latest available technology provides us with several ways to reach community members through public postings, information hotlines, and an emergency alert system integrating telephone, text messaging and email.

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