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March 9, 2018 | Category: Announcement

TO: Faculty and Staff, Medford/Somerville

Medford Facilities Event Planning Practices 101

Have an event? We are here to help you with a few easy reminders when submitting a facilities work order request

Required Information:

  • Dept Id: Is the #1 required field to hold your event. Ensure this field is filled out prior to submission
  • Details Field – Please provide a clear and complete scope of your event. This allows us to understand the needs and expectations for a successful outcome.
  • Attachments – Attaching a layout or agenda provides a clear visual and concept of your event
  • Start Date/Time – Please include the exact start date/time and end date/time
  • Three business days or sooner (Saturday & Sundays do not count as business days) – In order to process your request, we require three business day from date of event (e.g. Event is 2/8/18 @ 2:00 p.m., request needs to be submitted no later than 2/5/18 by 2:00 p.m.)

Helpful Work Order Tips & Common Questions:

  • Only one work order request is needed for your event. (Does not apply to mega university events such as commencement; orientation) If there are more than one locations needed, simply provide the additional spaces in the details field of your work order request.
  • If possible, reference previous years’ work order number and layout
  • Requests with multiple dates over a period months need to be submitted separately
  • Cleaning work orders are considered event related, not reactive maintenance
  • How far in advance should I be submitting my work order request? Best practice is the earlier the better or when reserving space
  • Cancellations/changes/additions: Please Do not send in another work order request, just email to email us at
  • Dept Id verses Student Id: Dept. Id always beginning with a letter followed by 6 digits: eg: Z100100
  • Event Venue Locked? Call Campus Police x73030
  • Learn more about Tufts catering services
  • Learn more about Tufts Media & A/V services
  • Find even more information on the facilities website

Suggested timeline to submit a facilities work order:

Nature and size of event #of weeks/months:

Small Events (with one location): 1 week

Medium Events (with two locations, such as a conference or reception): 3 weeks

Large Events (such as symposiums, conferences with multiple break outs): 1 month

Mega Events (using both interior and exterior locations): 2 to 12 months

Thank You,
Tufts Facilities Events Team

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