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September 27, 2017 | Category: Announcement

TO: Faculty and Staff, All campuses

FROM: Tufts Technology Services

Tufts Technology Services (TTS) has launched a new status reporting page designed to provide you a view of what’s happening with Tufts network, software and systems.

Status page allows us to keep our community updated on both planned and unplanned outages all in one place. And allows the community to subscribe to real-time updates of the things they want to keep informed about!

Learn more StatusPage, the key features and the categories of services, and the retirement of Infoboard.

TuftsAlert system

In a significant emergency the university will attempt to communicate with the community through a variety of methods. Use of the latest available technology provides us with several ways to reach community members through public postings, information hotlines, and an emergency alert system integrating telephone, text messaging and email.

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