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July 5, 2017 | Category: Announcement

TO: Only Faculty, All campuses

FROM: Center for the Enhancement of Learning & Teaching

Applications are now being accepted for the August 2017 Institute for Learning Assessment.

To apply please visit the CELT website

What are your primary concerns about student learning? Have any of your classroom activities, assignments, or assessments left you wondering whether students actually learned what you taught?

Join us August 22–24 as we work together to create an assessment plan for your course that will provide you and your students with targeted feedback and information on student progress toward your learning goals.

By the end of this Institute for Learning Assessment, faculty members will:

  • Develop tools to evaluate incoming student knowledge, skills and attitudes before, or early in, the course
  • Create classroom assessment tools, assignments, and practice opportunities that promote student learning
  • Develop a plan to continuously identify and use assessment to analyze teaching-learning issues, create targeted student feedback to respond to classroom needs, and provide data to inform learning progress

Please note that you must be available to attend all three days of the Institute in order to apply.


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