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May 25, 2017 | Category: Announcement

TO: Faculty & Staff, Grafton Campus

FROM: Facilities Services – Recycling & Waste Management

Beginning Monday, June 12th, Tufts will begin transitioning the Grafton campus from dual-stream recycling to mixed recycling. You will now be able to deposit all of your glass, metal, plastic, and mixed paper recyclables in one bin, instead of separating them.  Specialty recycling, such as batteries and e-waste, will still be collected separately.

Mixed recycling and trash labels and updated lids will be added to campus waste stations throughout the transition. Updated waste stations will contain one bin for trash, labeled “Landfill” and one bin for all recycling, labeled “Mixed Recycling.”  This change will increase the convenience of recycling and is expected to improve Tufts’ overall recycling rate. The Grafton campus transition will complete the university’s switch to mixed recycling. Thank you for your cooperation as Tufts works to improve its recycling program.

Please contact with any questions. For more information visit the Facilities Services’ Recycling & Waste Management website.


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