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February 8, 2017 | Category: Announcement

TO: Faculty and Staff, Medford/Somerville

The third and final round for input on upgrades to nineteen classrooms in Anderson, Cabot, Halligan, Paige, SciTech, SoGo, and Tisch Library is now underway.  Check out the Tufts Learning Spaces Planning and Upgrades website to review the near-final Schematic Design (dated 2/3/2017). 

The scope of work includes furniture, finishes, and/or technology components, but can vary significantly from classroom to classroom.  The upgrades identified reflect two previous rounds of input from Tufts faculty, students, and staff through work sessions with the teaching faculty in late November and survey responses to the earlier Schematic Design (dated 12/21/2016).  Many, but not all upgrades suggested by the Tufts community are represented in the near-final design.  Of course, there were instances when we received conflicting input and a few suggestions were infeasible at this time.

The final round of input will continue through Friday, February 17th. Comments can be emailed to Colin Simmons at

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