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December 21, 2016 | Category: Announcement

TO: Faculty and Staff, Medford/Somerville

FROM: Facilities Services – Recycling and Waste Management

Over the winter break, Tufts will begin transitioning the Medford/Somerville campus from dual stream recycling to Mixed Recycling. Custodial staff will start collecting both green and blue recycling lids and extra recycling bins from university offices. Recycling bins will remain lidless during most of the break and waste stations will be reduced from 3 bins to 2 bins. Staff and faculty who are working on campus during this period should put their glass, metal, plastic, paper, and cardboard recycling in any bin with a recycling sticker because all items will be recycled together as part of the new mixed recycling program. Mixed recycling, new landfill (trash) labels and updated lids will be added to campus waste stations throughout the month of January.

Thank you for your cooperation as Tufts works to improve its recycling program.

Please contact with any questions. For more information visit the Facilities Services – Recycling & Waste Management website.

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