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November 10, 2016 | Category: Announcement

TO: Students, Faculty and Staff. All campuses.

FROM: Facilities Services and the Office of Sustainability

In honor of America Recycles Day (November 15th), Facilities Services and the Office of Sustainability are excited to announce the transition to single stream recycling at Tufts starting in January 2017!  This change will make recycling simple and easy, providing the campus community with two primary waste bin options: All Recycling or Landfill (along with food waste composting in select locations).

Tufts currently uses a dual stream system, which requires separating glass, metal and plastic containers from paper and cardboard items.

Starting in January 2017, all of these items will now be collected as a “single stream” of material in one bin. The most important thing to remember with single stream recycling is to empty liquids out of cups and bottles and wipe out the food in containers before putting the item in the recycling bin, to ensure that the paper in the bin stays as dry as possible.

The types of items that can be recycled at Tufts will not change, just where you put them. Specialty recycling such as batteries and e-waste will still be collected in separate containers.

More information will continue to be released as we approach the beginning of the spring semester, but we will continue to provide updates on the Facilities Services recycling website. Please contact with any questions.

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