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October 19, 2016 | Category: Announcement

TO: Faculty and Staff, All campuses

FROM: Tufts Technology Services

Tufts Technology Services (TTS) will be implementing two-factor authentication (2FA) later this winter, providing a double layer of protection for Tufts and your identity and data!

What is two-factor authentication (2FA)?

Two-factor authentication (or two-step verification) adds a second level (or layer) of authentication to an account login.

Right now, you enter only your Tufts username and password to access your accounts and systems at Tufts. This is considered single-factor authentication. 2FA requires you to have two of the following three types of credentials in order to access an account:

  1. Something you know (username and password, PIN)
  2. Something you have (phone, ATM card, or fob)
  3. Something you are (your fingerprint or voice prompt)

To learn more about 2FA and watch the video, read Winter is Coming and so is Two-Factor Authentication.

TuftsAlert system

In a significant emergency the university will attempt to communicate with the community through a variety of methods. Use of the latest available technology provides us with several ways to reach community members through public postings, information hotlines, and an emergency alert system integrating telephone, text messaging and email.

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