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October 14, 2016 | Category: Announcement

TO: Faculty and Staff, Medford/Somerville

The Central Energy Plant (CEP) project, located on Boston Avenue just south of Dowling Hall, will replace the aging, 60-year old, existing plant, which will be demolished when the new plant is up and running.  Providing electricity, steam, hot water for heating, and chilled water for cooling, the new Central Energy Plant is part of the University’s commitment to sustainability and modernization of our infrastructure.  The new infrastructure will provide higher efficiency and greater safety for anyone working on it.  The anticipated completion of the new plant is spring 2017.

As a part of bringing the new plant online, there will be multiple utility shutdowns to allow the contractors to safely tie the older infrastructure into the new.  The timing and frequency of these shutdowns are still being determined by the project team.  However, the team is expecting there will be several electrical shutdowns between the end of October and the end of November and 7 additional electrical shutdowns starting in late February/early March, running into the spring.  Power outages will likely last around twelve hours each.  Each shutdown will have a scheduled rain date in the event of inclement weather.

Right now, the project team is focusing on the electrical shutdowns occurring from late October to late November.  This work will consist of large cable pulls between manholes.  Any manhole where this work is occurring must be de-energized to allow for proper worker safety.  This will require certain buildings to lose power when specific manholes are being worked in.  Additionally, these pulls must happen prior to winter weather setting in.

We will continue to use our construction mitigation consultant, CSL, to reach out to the impacted buildings. Many of you know Michael Ensminger with CSL. Michael has worked to communicate and connect building occupants over the last two years of campus construction. He will again compile lists of appropriate building contacts and critical calendar dates.  Building occupants can expect to hear from CSL in the coming weeks.

As all of the information becomes clearer, we will send out notifications to the specifically impacted buildings in addition to a general campus notification.  This will help to ensure that all appropriate parties are informed well in advance of the utility interruptions. We will work with impacted buildings to try and avoid shut downs on days when significant campus activities are taking place. While we understand that these shutdowns will be inconvenient at times, they are a necessity for successfully completing the new CEP.

The project team remains dedicated to communicating these shutdowns and the course of actions that need to take place to ensure that building occupants and students remain safe during these activities. As always, you are encouraged to reach out to the Tufts Construction Mitigation Office at with any questions or concerns.

Linda Snyder

Vice President for Operations

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