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August 19, 2016 | Category: Announcement

TO: Only Faculty, All campuses

Active Learning Workshop,  August 30, 2016,  8:30 am - 1:00 pm,  Medford Campus

You are invited to join us for CELT's Active Learning Workshop. Light breakfast and lunch will be served.

Would you like to find ways to engage your students and get them to participate in class and collaborate with one another? Even in large courses you can employ active learning strategies to increase your students' motivation, improve their skills, and encourage them to be involved in higher order thinking. During this 4-hour morning workshop on active learning, you'll work with your colleagues to plan to construct learning objectives, identify ways to support the objectives, and practice active learning strategies.

Please note that to participate in the workshop, you'll need to complete 30-45 minutes of homework before the workshop begins (see description of pre-workshop assignments below).

To sign up for the workshop send an email to Roberta Sullivan ( by August 25th, also let her know of any food restrictions as we will be serving a light breakfast and lunch.

If you have any questions about the workshop, please contact Alicia at

Pre-Workshop assignments (30-45 minutes)
1. Fill out a short questionnaire.

2. Watch a brief 5-minute presentation about learning objectives and construct three learning objective.

3. Read two brief articles about active learning.

4. Take a short quiz on active learning.

5. Complete an active learning strategies inventory.

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