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February 25, 2013
All Faculty
Mary Y. Lee, Office of the Provost

On behalf of the Office of the Provost, the University-wide Committee for Teaching and Faculty Development, and the University Library Council's Scholarly Communication Team, I am pleased to congratulate the recipients of the eighth round of funding under the Provost's Open Access Fund for Publication and Digitization.

The Open Access Fund for Publication is intended to support faculty to publish in open access journals to extend the reach of Tufts' academic scholarship. These recipients join their fellow faculty in numerous open access efforts in research and education. For more information, please see

The February 2013 recipients of funding for Open Access Publication are:

  • Benjamin Hescott, SOE: Computer Science, with co-authors, L. Cowen, A. Gallant and M. Kachalov, "Genecentric: A package to uncover graph-theoretic structure in high-throughput epistasis data," BMC Bioinformatics. 
  • Sean Cash, Friedman: Agriculture, Food and Environment Program, with co-authors, JF Feulefack, MK Luckert, S Mohapatra, A Alibhai, W Kipp, "Impact of Community-Based HIV/AIDS Treatment on Household Incomes in Uganda," PLoS One. 
  • Colin Orians, A&S: Biology, with co-authors, R Fritz, CG Hochwender, B Albrectsen, and ME Czesak, "How slug herbivory of juvenile hybrid willows alters chemistry, growth and subsequent susceptibility to diverse plant enemies," Annals of Botany.
  • J. Michael Reed, A&S: Biology, with co-authors, B Dane and R Harris, "Female goldeneye ducks (Bucephala clangula) do not discriminate among male precopulatory displays," PLoS One.
  • Lisa Shin, A&S: Psychology, with co-authors, R Offringa, KH Brohawn, LK Staples, SJ Dubois, KC Hughes, DL Pfaff, MB VanElzakker and FC Davis, "Diminished rostral anterior cingulate cortex activation during trauma-unrelated emotional interference in PTSD," Biology of Mood and Anxiety Disorders.

We encourage you to publish in journals listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals or a DOAJ equivalent journal. These quality controlled journals provide open access cover-to-cover, without subscription fees. Please see the Scholarly Communication website for more information.

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