Tufts' Effectiveness in Administrative Management Project Update

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January 28, 2013
All Faculty and Staff
Patricia L. Campbell, Executive Vice President

Over the past six weeks, representatives from Deloitte Consulting have personally conducted more than 125 interviews and meetings with Tufts community members across all schools and Central Administration. During these sessions, they gathered information about potential opportunities to improve Tufts' administrative effectiveness. In addition to these meetings, we have also shared information about the TEAM Project with the faculty of HNRCA and the Dental School, and will be meeting with the Arts & Sciences and Engineering faculty this week. While the TEAM project is not looking at teaching, research or clinical activities, we believe it is important to keep faculty informed about this major initiative that will enable us to better support our academic mission. We appreciate the enthusiastic response and collaboration across the university. Your insights will help us to better understand ways to improve work processes at Tufts.

When the first phase of the initial assessment is finished in late January, the Steering Committee and Tufts' leadership will review the findings and identify which of the potential opportunities to achieve administrative effectiveness will be studied in depth during February, March, and April. The guiding principles of the TEAM Project will drive this review:

  • Create greater operational effectiveness to allow for reinvestment in Tufts' mission as well as the priorities outlined in the university's ongoing strategic-planning process.
  • Enhance service quality without growth in administrative costs through implementation of cost-effective "best practices."
  • Create clear accountability and authority for effective decision making.
  • Implement changes to give employees greater opportunities for professional development and work satisfaction.

I will provide another update on the project during the week of February 4. In the meantime, please continue to check the TEAM website ( for more information and to view the newly added high-level timeline. We welcome your feedback and/or questions related to the TEAM Project, which can be submitted anonymously through the TEAM website, or directly to the initiative's project manager, Dick Reynolds, at 617-627-0888 or

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