SAS, SPSS and Microsoft Work-at-Home Updates

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December 17, 2012
All Faculty and Staff, All Campuses
Debbie Nanni

UIT is pleased to announce some positive changes to licensing for SAS and SPSS. In addition, we'd like to make you aware of an up-coming change in the process for obtaining covered software under the Microsoft Campus Agreement Work-at-Home benefit.


For a number of years, Tufts has maintained a 500-user license for SAS Institute's Education Analytical Suite and has charged a fee for SAS use. Recently, UIT converted the University's SAS license coverage from limited to enterprise-wide. Under this new license arrangement, the SAS Education Analytical Suite and SAS Genetics is now available for no fee to (a) Tufts University employees using the software on institutionally-owned computers, (b) Tufts University employees for installation on personally-owned computers and (c) Tufts University students for installation on their personal computers. Software licensed under the Education Analytical Suite may only be used for teaching and research, and some other restrictions may apply depending on your circumstances. For additional information or to request an installation, contact your FSP or go to


This fall, to fulfill a long-standing backlog of demand for SPSS software, UIT acquired an IBM Campus Edition license for SPSS. The Campus Edition license covers an unlimited number of installations of SPSS's Base, Advanced and Regression modules on Tufts University-owned desktops and laptops. Unlike the University's old licensing arrangement, Windows, Macintosh and Linux desktop versions of SPSS are all included under the Campus Edition, and the software is being made available to University employees for no additional fee. SPSS software licensed under IBM's Campus Edition may only be used for teaching and research, and to ensure that the University is able to comply with licensing terms, certain other restrictions will apply. For additional information or to request an installation, contact your FSP or go to

Microsoft Campus Agreement Work-at-Home Benefit Fulfillment Changes-

To provide Tufts' employees with access to Microsoft Office and Windows upgrades on University computers, the University participates in a consortium agreement, the Microsoft Campus Agreement. The Campus Agreement includes a Work-at-Home benefit which permits University employees to obtain and install MS Office and MS Windows upgrades on a personally-owned computer so that University employees can also perform their work at home or remotely as appropriate.

Over the years, the University has established and maintained a variety of delivery methods for software covered under the Work-at-Home benefit. Beginning on Friday, December 28, 2012, Kivuto, a company that specializes in Microsoft software delivery, will be Tufts' employees' source for Work-at-Home software. By going to Kivuto's web-store, which can be reached from, Tufts University faculty and staff will be able to acquire Work-at-Home software for a nominal fee from a download or on media.

If you have any questions about any of these changes, do not hesitate to contact your FSP or the UIT Support Center at

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