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December 3, 2012
All Faculty and Staff
Thomas S. McGurty, VP Finance & Treasurer

It has been over two months since Finance announced the implementation of the new e-Expense system at Tufts, which is used for travel and business expense reimbursement. Thank you to the over 800 individuals who are currently registered users of the system, and to the 600+ individuals who have applied for the university-pay travel MasterCard. If you haven't had the opportunity to register for a training class, please do so at your earliest convenience. Class dates/times are posted on the TELD website ( New classes have been recently added to the calendar. Attendance at the class is required for travelers completing their own expense reports or for individuals who complete the report on their behalf. As a reminder, it is required that university employees use the new travel MasterCard whenever possible while on university business.

If you have any questions about the new e-Expense system, please call any of the individuals listed below, or visit

For training: Carol Liedes, x75190

For questions pertaining to applications and access: Susan Gibson, x75078

For "help-desk" type questions about the system: Barbara Daddario, x75137

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